Described as “raw,” “brutal,” “tortured,” and “brilliant,” The Poet Darkling woos her audience with truths too real to imagine. She offers hope to the hopeless, life to the lifeless, and love to the loveless. She speaks for the unborn child, the war-torn soldier, the heartbroken lover, the abused woman, the angstful teen, and  anyone who is suicidal and depressed, with authority and experience. She accompanies them on the darkest of roads, she leads them toward self-awareness and light, and she never, ever abandons them. The Poet Darkling will not save you from the darkness, but she will teach you how to live within its shadows.



“[…] The Poet Darkling is correctly described as a “tortured mind”, which is well evidenced in her themes. She goes for broke, throwing it all in: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And, the lady has attitude!

“As for the actual writing, it’s a bit pretentious, but not arrogantly so. It soon becomes clear that she’s just in love with the power of words…feeling them out…looking for the proper fit. And, 80% of the time, she makes it work.

“Somewhere, there’s a Country Western singer who will top the charts strumming one of the ballads she has written about a serial killer…there’s a couple to choose from.

“Having read the poetry of Shakespeare, Shelley, and other greats to the more dubious offerings of folks like Leonard Cohen, I can honestly say, without prejudice, the Poet Darkling has her moments…moments that indicate that she had talent, insight and passion fashioning her work. Granted, it’s on the raw side emotionally, and a bit macabre physically, but it’s a revealing look at a person’s slow decline into relentless depression and her desire to escape it…one way or another!

“As some of the images are very graphic depicting sex and violence, I wouldn’t recommend this book to young people, or those given to depression of their own. But for those who can handle a TV series like Dexter…you may well have found a new favorite poet!

“While admittedly, there’s room for improvement, I’m giving this book 5 stars simply because it took a lot of courage to write it!”


“The Poet Darkling taps into her soul and comes charging back with a brilliant book on so many levels it leaves me almost speechless. Each poem is brutal, poignant and needs to be digested in order to be fully understood. Never before have I read the words of someone so willing to put themselves out on a line as in What Is IT You Want To Know. Each poem takes you deeper and deeper into the unique psyche of a true artist. I’m just surprised that more people are not investing in a book with such extraordinary appeal. The Poet Darkling and her words make Charles Manson look like a kitten. Great good and I can’t wait for your follow up.”


“This book rocks!!! Honestly even if dark poetry is not your main thing there are so many things in this book that you can honestly relate to even if you don’t think about it. The author grabs your imagination and runs with it!!!”


“Unique and innovative just like her name, The Poet Darking’s new book [Just Call Me Darkling] specifically [the poem] The Tears of a Woman. The nuances and comparisons are spot on the illusions and contrived images that are conjured up while reading “will take you there”. Keep writing P.D.”


“This poetry only seems brutal if you are on the outside looking in. If you, like me and countless others, have survived intact the absolute darkness of unrelenting depression and have found the strength to climb the walls of your abuse-imposed cage and see the light of a new beginning then you’ll find a friend in this book.”




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